Tetragon Project

release date: February 2021

And so the TETRAGON PROJECT sees itself as a curious musical art project, which has its origins in years of intensive study of the creation and reproduction of music in space.


Composer and audio producer Stefan Zaradic had the idea to think and compose music in 3D from the very beginning. For this purpose he enlisted the experienced musician, composer and producer Wolfgang Opitz at his side.


In intensive improvisation sessions, supported by the exceptional musicians Wolfram Winkel and Andreas Keller, extraordinary, artful compositions and sound worlds were created in space, which developed their own musical language beyond learned song structures and musical forms. Detached from the conventional, partly in interaction with atmospheres and sounds, constantly curious to explore and develop new possibilities of music and sound in space.


Jazzmachine - Time

release date: February 2021

Jazzmachine was founded in 2003 by keyboardist and producer Stefan Zaradic. The term Jazz in the name of the band stands in its original meaning for "freedom" and the Machine for the groove.



The first two albums "Radio" and "Moongroove" received several awards. Among others as international audiophile highlite.

So the fans can be very excited about the third and for the first time immersive album of this formation.

Vince Abbracciante - Acoustic Sessions

recording date: April 2021 in Italy 

He is the italian rising star of the accordion, with a remarkable technique, a deep blues and swing feeling and plays with talent any kind of musical genres.

“The person that really impressed me is a young Italian from Puglia, Italy: his name is Vincenzo Abbracciante. In every song he embarks on a story which touches me.”(Richard Galliano on Jazzman)

earlier recordings as a foretaste

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